MasterCuts – Music synchronization licensing made simple (and free!)

We own the copyright in the recordings on our website and the music performed in them. If you’re adding our recordings to film, TV programme or promo or other audio-visual material, it’s important to understand what rights and permissions we give you.

Firstly: By downloading and adding any recordings of our music (and lyrics, if applicable) to your audio-visual material we give you a free non-exclusive right to synchronise these as part of the soundtrack of your audio-visual material for use in any and all media, worldwide in perpetuity.

Secondly: How can we do this? Because when your audio-visual material with our recordings/music is performed publicly by means of broadcasting or diffusion on the internet, TV or otherwise, or is reproduced on DVD for sale, we can collect record/music royalties via the PRS, MCPS and PPL from the broadcaster or other party responsible for the diffusion or dissemination or reproduction.

Consequently, the synchronization and use of our recordings/music as part of the soundtrack in your programme is completely free to you as the producer of the programme.

In consideration of this free synchronization licence, we ask only that you correctly identify our recordings and music on the music cue sheet which you supply to broadcasters and other users so that PRS, MCPS and PPL can collect royalties for us. This identification must include the title of the music, its composer, our name as publisher and the duration of the music – all of which are downloaded automatically to you when you download the recording. It would be helpful to us if you send us an email with the final music cue sheet to: (

Other than expressly granted as above, no other rights in our recordings/music are granted and are expressly reserved.

If you have any questions, we can be contacted at: (

Helpful Numbers:

MCPS – Representing MCPS music libraries +44 (0)20 8378 7500

PPL – Phonographic Performance Ltd (representing record companies) +44 (0)20 7534 1000

PRS – PRS for Music (representing publishers and composers) +44 (0)20 7580 5544